Learn To DIVE

‚ÄčThe PADI Open Water Diver Certification is a course designed to teach you how to safely scuba dive.

What qualifications are needed?

You will need to be at least 10 years old or older, have adequate swimming skills, be in good
health, and be able to complete the PADI Medical Statement and/or provide a doctors clearance to dive.

What will we do in the class?

Once you enroll in the PADI Open Water Dive Course you will attend class approximately 3 evenings.  During this time you will complete the Knowledge Development portion of the course and take quizzes, which will teach you the principles of scuba diving. After successfully finishing the final exam you will move to the Pool/Confined Water training.  In Confined Water training you will learn to master the skills of a SCUBA Diver.  Once you are comfortable with your new equipment and environment, we will move to the lake for Open Water Check-Out dives. At the lake, you will accomplish four Open Water dives to complete the skills required for certification.

How long will the class take?

We can complete the PADI Open Water course in as little as 1 week.
     Day 1: Classroom Training
     Day 2: Classroom Training
     Day 3: Classroom Training (If Needed)
     Day 4: Confined Water Skills Training
     Day 5: Confined Water Skills Training
     Day 6: Open Water Check-Out Dives
     Day 7: Open Water Check-Out Dives
          *We never rush our students and only precede at their pace. 

What materials are required to take this class?

In-Depth Scuba and Watersports will provide students with a BCD, regulator, computer and tank for training.  Students will also be provided with a log book and all the necessary PADI course material. 

Students will need to provide their own personal mask, fins, snorkel, weight belt and weights  for this course. These items are available for purchase at the dive shop.

Can I join my kids/family on their training dives?

We need to maintain a learning atmosphere and limit outside distractions, therefore we do not allow visitors on training dives.

PADI Open Water Certification

Group Price

If you have six or more in your party you qualify for our group price of $300 per student.